Friday, November 04, 2005

...or what I did for work today!

Ooops!!! Did I say that? Ok, it's what I did on my lunchhour today. Everyone has a blog. So, it's my turn. I have such a great deal to say you know! But I like the idea of journaling, and since my friends and family often wonder what's going on in my life, and since I'm not great at picking up the phone on a regular basis, I'll do what really comes naturally.. sit at the keyboard and type.

My life revolves around my "new" husband Mike, my family, including 3 awesome grandkids, my cats, my knitting, and my work.

Mike & I have been together for a long time ... 8 years this December. Last Christmas, he really surprised me -- he popped the question. I said yes. We were married on August 13 this year. We had fun planning, tho there were several times during that period when Mike would look me in the eyes and say "you have 'x' months (days, hours) to be bezerk, then I want my Susan back" but I think all in all, it wasn't so bad, and the wedding itself was a blast.

...ok, I have to finish my work day. More later