Sunday, March 11, 2007

I didn't finish

...but I'm getting there! I finished the back last Sunday and have knitted the 2 front pieces during my commuting this week. Yea I haven't been knitting on it as much as I said I would. But it's getting there! I didn't know the yarn would change colors the way it has, and I'm really liking it. Think the mom will too? Kaela, are you looking?

I have a picture of Mike on his new Bobber! See? Nice huh? Sounds as good as it looks - he did some nice upgrades, a power comander, a thunderheader, true 2 into 1 pipes, forward controls and um... darn it, I forget! He's also changed the turn signals since this picture. They are now on the triple tree and not the same style.
He's out on it now, gone to a meeting and then I presume they will ride.
If it gets just a little teeny weeny bit warmer - it's 49 right now - so if it makes it to 55, then I'll roll mine out too! It's not too encouraging tho, the sun has decided to hide behind the clouds and the temp is not cooperating one little bit.
We'll see.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I Have a Cold

Beware, whine content...

I have had this annoying head cold for 4 days. I'm not sick. I'm MISERABLE! My sinuses feel like someone used them for a balloon, I can't lie down comfortably, I can't sit up comfortably, I can only breathe thru my mouth and I want it to GO AWAY!

Ok, I'm done for now...

I didn't knit yesterday, just didn't feel like it, although I prepared everything to do so. Today, I already have tools, lap blanket and various sundries ready. I'm using the Moss Stitch Jacket pattern. I love moss stitch especially for baby things, easy to knit, looks great and gives a bit more structure. And I love this Debbie Bliss book - Baby Style (NAYY) - I use it over and over again. I have lots of other baby books, several of them authored by Bliss, but I seem to always come back to this book. It has a wide variety of patterns, and a wide variety of styles and techniques. I love her simplicity!

So once I get the laundry started, and take out Sunday dinner from the freezer, I'm going to my knitting corner with a cup of tea, and I won't come out til I finish! (ok, maybe a little break here and there) My goal is to finish this sweater before I go to bed tonight. Think I can do it?

March madness is on its way. I mean NCAA basketball. Truthfully, I don't watch basketball at all anymore, tho I'm still a hard and true Celtic's fan, but when March Madness comes around, I get the fever. I guess it means spring is here, or winter is just about over, I don't know. Whatever it is, I make up the just-for-fun office pool, set my brackets, watch the games, or listen to them, and check out all the scenarios. I always root for the Connecticut Huskies, or if they don't make the cut, Duke and Gonzaga (don't you just love that name?). I really have a blast with it! One of these days, I might get tickets to the semis or finals even.

Oh yea, I have a picture of the socks I knit for my wonderful mother-in-law, Connie. They were to be Christmas socks, but I didn't finish them til the middle of January. I gave them to her the last time we visited, I hope they fit her. I used Socks that Rock in Pink Granite and a pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks (NAYY) and did my first afterthought heel. It's a great pattern, one of the chevron patterns.

Ok, I've run out of things to say right now and I want to knit!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

How many days did I last?

Not many. I have purchased yarn. Mostly some sock yarn, which other people say doesn't count in this knit from stash challenge, but alas, I've also purchased some yummy worsted weight yarn called Rhythm from JoJoLand which I'm using for a baby sweater for my neice. And I have picked up some soft acrylic boucle for baby blankets in navy and white. Not bad, but not good.

Today was a beautiful spring day just as I was thinking winter was going to last forever. DH & I hopped on the bikes and took a quick ride, cut short as a front blasted into the area. The temperature was nearly 60 when we started, but 1.5 hours later the clouds raced in and the temp dropped 15 degrees! That's chilly without chaps, so we high-tailed it home, dodging raindrops all the way. The sun returned, but it stayed cool, so that was it for now. Still it felt great to get in the wind!

Tonight, my plans are to sit in front of the TV and knit on the baby sweater, or one of the circular baby blankets Im working on. DH is "woodshopping" - a big jewelry box that he designed just for me!