Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Did McCain get illegal oil money?

So how sketchy is this?

Right after John McCain switched his position on oil drilling, a bunch of top Hess Oil Company execs gave $28,500 each to help elect him.

But so did a Hess office manager and her husband who's an Amtrak track foreman. They probably didn't have that kind of money lying around, and if oil executives funneled money through them to help elect McCain, that's very illegal.

Turns out, another oil industry exec gave McCain multi-thousand dollar checks allegedly from a Taco Bell manager, an auto mechanic, and a discount studio store owner.

McCain returned $50,000, but over $450,000 in suspect money is still out there.

I signed a petition urging the U.S. Justice Department to investigate John McCain's potentially illegal contributions from the oil industry.

Can you join me in signing at the link below?

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